Daygame tips


On the 7 day PICK UP COURSE and the PUA BOOTCAMPS, we show guys how to attract women in the day time as well as the night time!
There are so many good looking women hanging out in coffee shops, parks, shops, malls and even on public transport- BUT so many men consider ‘speaking’ to a woman in the day time and getting her number or even more, to be something that is impossible!
The truth is ALL our students get results int he day time that they didn’t think were possible!
The expert PICK UP instructors and experienced wing girls reveal the techniques, secrets and skills that any guy can apply the next the he sees a hot single girl either having a coffee in a cafe or browsing the local book store.
In this video, Hadassa, one of our beautiful wing girls, shares with you 3 useful tips that will help you improve your chances of doing well with women in the day time!


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